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Secure the Future: A World Vision Tanzania Initiative Addressing Food Security and Economic Development in the Context of Emerging Climate Change

World Vision International
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Technical Guidance

This Guidebook has been written to provide assistance to World Vision Tanzania staff in undertaking the Assessment and Design phase for the Initiative integrated cluster level programme. As explained further in this Guidebook, STF represents a new programming approach for World Vision in the scope and scale of its programme and projects.

It is precisely because of the innovative nature of this approach that this Guidebook and the accompanying tools and templates have been prepared – to facilitate the process by which WV staff will carry out the programme and to explore how this initiative can be replicated successfully in other regions, countries and continents.

As a new initiative by the Partnership, it should be understood that this Guidebook and associate tools are in ‘development mode’ and will be tested during the pilot phase of the initiative. This draft version of the guidebook covers the Assessment phase of the programme. The Design phase of the guidebook will be developed and added over time, as resources allow for it.

As a learning organisation, we intend to refine and polish this document and tools as we test them in the field. We welcome any comments and feedback on this version of the guidebook to help us make this initiative a successful one for the benefits of the communities that we serve, specifically the most vulnerable children.