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Software User's Manual: ACDI/VOCA Mobile Phone Based Beneficiary Registration & Update System

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Technical Guidance

This guide to the "ACDI/VOCA mobile phone Based Beneficiary & Update Application" offers guidance on how to set up and use an Android Smartphone with the application installed on it. This application can be used for mobile registration of health and agricultural beneficiaries and for making the following mobile updates during distribution events:

  • Distribution updates - to record a beneficiary's attendance or absence
  • Suppression updates - when a beneficiary's benefits are delayed due to a variety of possible events (e.g. death, fraud, ineligibility)
  • Modification updates - when an error is corrected in a beneficiary's record
  • Transfer updates - when a beneficiary is transferred to another program phase (e.g. malnourished child, in prevention child, expecting mother, nursing mother)

You need to purchase an Android Smartphone to use this application. The Frontline SMS software used to aggregate SMS messages can be downloaded at this site.