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A Step-by-Step Provisional Guideline Towards Community-Based Pasture Management and Integrated Development

USAID | Chemonics
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This is a preliminary Guideline for facilitation of an approach in Afghanistan. The approach described herein provides the natural entry point into a community based approach to rural land tenure and land use regulation and management generally. It is this principle which needs early entrenchment in national rural land policy and which piloting will elaborate.

The described approach is designed to lead to incrementally implemented community based pasture management and within which process longstanding unclarity or contestation as to ownership and access rights are resolved to the satisfaction of all interest holders.

This approach does not seek to embrace all matters of rural landholding and management (such as affecting the farm and settlements). It targets the rural land domain considered the most problematic and contested, and which should strategically be the starting point of reform. This is the pastures. Nonetheless, the paradigms and procedures described below provide an ideal foundation for subsequent extension of community based processes to embrace all facets of rural landholding and management within the relevant socio-spatial domain (village, settlement, ward, manteqa etc).