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Supportive Supervision/Mentoring and Monitoring for Community IYCF

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Technical Guidance

This one-day training is organized into 7 Learning Objectives (LOs):

  • LO 1 introduces the concept of supportive supervision/mentoring.
  • During LO 2, the Supervisors will review examples of tools and the monitoring forms that the CWs will use to record their activities and submit to their Supervisors (monthly/other period). These tools are templates that will need to be adapted for use in the local situation.
  • LO 3 introduces the Supervisors to the tools that they will use to help CWs improve the quality of the IYCF support activities they perform, and to sample forms that can be used for compiling the routine programme monitoring data collected by the CWs in the Supervision Area.
  • In LO 4 and 5, the Supervisors will practice to develop the necessary skills to implement supportive supervision/mentoring and use the tools to monitor and record their activities.
  • During LO 6, the Supervisors will review examples of indicators and data compilation forms for routine programme monitoring, and discuss examples of different visual presentations that might be used in reporting their data.
  • Supervisors will work together to develop an Action Plan for their Supervision Area in LO 7.