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TOPS ANRM Case Study: Cross-Visits: Opportunities for Knowledge Sharing with Local Organizations

The TOPS Program
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Case Studies

This is the third in a series of TOPS Agriculture and Natural Resource Management case studies.

In June and August 2016, USAID Food for Peace (FFP)-funded programs in Zimbabwe and Malawi organized and attended cross-visits with local organizations. The cross-visits were knowledge sharing opportunities focused on learning agricultural best practices. Each cross-visit was to a local organization with a strong agricultural technical focus and a deep knowledge of the local environment.

Cross-visits, where one group visits another with a learning objective, can be a beneficial activity for program staff to gain knowledge on topics relevant to their work. In particular, cross-visits to local organizations allow staff to hear different perspectives and form relationships with organizations that may have a focused skillset and a profound understanding of the community and lanscape, its particular strengths, and the challenges it faces.

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