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Training Guide for Parents, Teachers and Student Leaders - WASH-Friendly Schools

USAID Hygiene Improvement Project
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Tools & Manuals | Training and Workshop Materials

The present Training Guide and the companion WASH-Friendly Schools Basic Guide for Schools Directors, Teachers, Students, Parents and Administrators are now a tested package that HIP has adapted from country-specific models for use in schools, communities, governments, and organizations anywhere. As with all such endeavors, these two guides should be adapted and refined to be as useful as possible in different settings. We at HIP are especially pleased to be able to offer practical tools for implementing a model that connects two approaches that have shown to produce real hygiene improvement results: WASHFriendly Schools and Total Sanitation and Hygiene. May these two complementary guides be useful to those working for the benefit of children in resource-poor environments who, like children everywhere, have the right to a safe, clean, and welcoming school environment.