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Technical Guidance

Through Water for the World, USAID increases access to sustainable water and
sanitation services, promotes key hygiene behaviors, and enhances the effective
management of water resources in developing countries. USAID also elevates the
status of women and girls to empower them as decision-makers and professionals in
the water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) sector so they can lead the transformation
of water and sanitation services in their own communities and countries. 

Better WASH and management of water resources means better health, nutrition, opportunity and dignity for women and girls. Women and girls stand to benefit at higher rates and in unique ways from safe, reliable and sustainable water security, sanitation and hygiene. It frees up more of their time for education and employment, reduces their vulnerability to gender-based violence, and provides privacy and dignity. And it enhances women’s and girls’ success and increases their voice, agency, and economic empowerment