Market-Based Sanitation

Here you can access a number of PRO-WASH tools, learning briefs, videos, webinar recordings, and training materials that have been customized for partners working on market-based approaches in rural sanitation.

Young girl washes hands from water spout on a wall.
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Market-based sanitation (MBS) is an approach to improve sanitation by facilitating linkages to and/or building the sanitation market of goods and services for which the customer makes a full or partial monetary contribution toward the purchase, construction, upgrade, and/or maintenance of their toilet from the private sector. It does this by strengthening domestic private sector supply of and stimulating and activating customer demand for sanitation goods and services. 

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Resources and Materials

Below is a list of resources about Market-Based Sanitation.

Learning Briefs and Videos
Research Reports

How might we design a user-desirable, affordable, commercially viable, environmentally sustainable, and technically feasible home latrine solutions for the haor and char areas of Bangladesh? PRO-WASH commissioned iDE to work with the SHOUHARDO III Resilience Food Security Activity to research sanitation solutions for flood-prone zones in the haor and char regions of Bangladesh. iDE conducted human-centered formative research, rapid prototyping, and participatory in-depth interviews with customers, potential service providers, local staff, and relevant stakeholders. Reports from the HEAR, CREATE, and DELIVER phases of this research and the resulting practical, operational, strategic, and innovative solutions for working in this complex environment are available.  


In Niger,  PRO-WASH worked with PSI and the Practica Foundation, and three RFSAs to conduct research to design a comprehensive market development strategy focusing on availability and provision of improved latrines and hand-washing related products in the  Maradi and Zinder regions of Niger. A three-part learning series on using human-centered design for sanitation products GIS for market-based sanitation, and marketing sizing, including videos, based on this research is also available. 

Training Materials
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