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Evaluations and Research

The primary goal of the Beyond Food Provision and Job Creation study was to "evaluate the economic and non-economic impact of legacy FFP-funded food vendors and OFDA-funded small businesses on broader communities and non-beneficiaries in Yemen."

  • To improve understanding of how legacy FFP-funded food vendors specifically add value to beneficiaries beyond the direct benefit of the food provisions they provide.
  • To improve understanding of how legacy OFDA small businesses specifically impact beneficiaries beyond the direct benefit of job creation.
  • To understand the leveraged benefits (i.e., those benefits coming from the vendors and business owners that impact the same beneficiaries - direct and indirect) after the intervention that are beyond food provision and job creation.

This study was conducted in the three geographic areas under project interventions to understand how the different types of private-sector interventions impact the communities beyond their intended objectives and understand how interventions working with the private sector complement each other.

This product was funded by the IDEAL Small Grants Program. To learn more about this specific grant, click here.