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Climate Change and Future Crop Suitability in East and Southern Africa

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Case Studies | Evaluations and Research

Research shows that the world is hotter today than it has been for 12,000 years, since the dawn of agriculture and human civilization. Warnings about the climate crisis call for immediate radical action if we are to draw back from global catastrophe. Enabling farmers to adapt their agricultural practices to the emerging and challenging new conditions is vital to the eradication of poverty and hunger and to the UN Member States’ pledge to ensure “no one will be left behind”.

With funding from the International Fund for Agricultural Development's Adaptation for Smallholder Agriculture Programme second phase (ASAP2), eight Climate Risk Analysis reports were produced by the University of Cape Town. The reports assessed the future suitability of selected crops in each country and analyse the likely effects of climate change by mid-century, reaching strikingly similar conclusions. In addition to providing the groundwork for more detailed localized analysis and agricultural planning, the reports give broad-brush recommendations and guidance on ways to increase climate resilience for smallholder farmers.