Inter-Agency Standing Committee
Inter-Agency Standing Committee
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Case Studies

This resource emphasizes the need for synchronized humanitarian, development, and peace responses to crises, including conflicts, disasters, and socio-economic shocks. It targets policymakers, practitioners, and organizations involved in crisis response efforts. By promoting coherence, complementarity, and collaboration across the humanitarian-development-peace Nexus, this approach aims to realize rights, reduce needs, vulnerabilities, and risks, and address the underlying causes of conflict over the long term. It advocates for synchronous actions rather than a sequential approach, recognizing the effectiveness of simultaneous humanitarian, development, and peace interventions.

Focusing on both negative and positive peace, this resource highlights various peace actions delivered in crisis situations, ranging from prevention to response and reinforcement of peace. It is designed for a wide range of actors, including national and international stakeholders involved in peacebuilding efforts. By emphasizing the importance of both "little p" actions (local capacity-building for peace) and "Big P" actions (political solutions to violent conflict), this resource encourages collaborative approaches across the humanitarian-development-peace Nexus, particularly at the local level, to address key conflict drivers and vulnerabilities.