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Final Evaluation of the Dairy Consortium Activity 2001-2004: Uganda

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Evaluations and Research

This final evaluation of the Uganda Private Sector Dairy Industry Development Activity was carried out between 26 April through 26 May 2004 by a four-person team. The dairy activity was carried out by a consortium consisting of Land O’Lakes, Heifer Project International and World Wide Sires. As well as a review of documents, the evaluation team carried out extensive field visits in the west, central, east and north of the country, dividing into groups to achieve a wide coverage in which nearly 200 persons were personally contacted. As two members of the team were Ugandan, the ability to converse in the local language added considerably to the value of the field visits. Those visited included farmers, producer groups, processors, service providers, input supply companies, consortium clients, GoU officials and organisations such as the Dairy Development Authority and Dairy Corporation, and NGOs.

The evaluation was required to broadly focus on: a) the extent to which the objectives of the project have been met by the consortium; b) issues arising from project implementation and lessons learned which can guide any future programs; c) project impact on the marketing chain, particularly the effect of consortium efforts on household incomes; d) examination of constraints which appeared during project implementation and methods used to overcome them; e) identification of activities which were in the program but which were not initiated or completed; f) provision of an overview of the dairy sector with recommendations on what further investments need to be made, and where USAID might play a role.