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Final Evaluation of Land O’Lakes Zambia Title II Development Assistance Program Dairy Development FFP DAP for Vulnerable Populations in Zambia

USAID | Land O' Lakes International Development
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Evaluations and Research

This report presents the results of the final evaluation of Land O’Lakes first P.L. 480 Title II five-year Development Assistance Program (DAP) (March 1, 2004 – September 30, 2009) in 12 districts of four provinces in Zambia. Life of project cost will be about $12.566 million, largely monetized wheat grant money (62%) from USAID’s Office of Food for Peace (FFP). The first monetized funding did not become available until October 2004, which marks the operational beginning of the project (i.e. FY 2005).

The project’s goal was to reduce food insecurity among vulnerable populations in Zambia. Some 2,732- smallholder farm households, or about 24,588 people, have become the direct beneficiaries of this assistance. Indirect beneficiaries number at least another 5,464 rural households, without speaking about new jobs linked to the development of the various components of the dairy value chain, linking these small farmers with the private sector run dairy transporters and processors and creating the linkages required to open up alternative sources of income for Zambian smallholder farmers.