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The Intersection of CLA & HDP Coherence Through Joint Work

USAID Resilience Learning Activity
USAID Resilience Learning Activity
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Case Studies

The USAID Resilience Learning Activity (RLA) operates as the secretariat for coordination platforms like PREG and SEK in Kenya, facilitating collaboration among stakeholders to harmonize USAID resilience investments across nine counties. Emphasizing co-creation and CLA principles, RLA integrates USAID's sequencing, layering, and integration into joint work planning efforts, focusing on optimizing, supporting, and monitoring initiatives for resilience and economic growth.

The Joint Work Plan (JWP) is a significant programmatic expenditure for RLA, impacted by leadership changes in Kenyan counties post the August 2022 elections. To manage the JWP process, RLA and local partners applied Collaboration, Learning, and Adaptation (CLA) principles, focusing on resource harmonization. The JWP evolved to include new initiatives, involving stakeholders from humanitarian, development, and peace sectors. RLA's Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) team played a crucial role in indicator harmonization, and communication tools were developed for county-level learning repositories. Challenges include "buy-in" from USAID IPs partners and delayed funding commitments from the Kenyan government. RLA plans to continue using CLA approaches to integrate HDP through a co-creation approach.