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Introductory Guide Preventing Violence Against Women and Girls: Engaging Men Through Accountable Practice

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Technical Guidance

Côte d’Ivoire and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) since 2003 have provided valuable lessons in conducting gender transformative programming with men that is safe, effective and accountable to women and girls.

The Engaging Men through Accountable Practice (EMAP) intervention is based upon these best practices. EMAP is a one-year primary prevention intervention. It provides staff in humanitarian settings with an evidence-based curriculum and field-tested approach for engaging men in transformative individual behavior change, guided by the voices of women.   


  • Reduce harmful behaviors and increase gender equality in the home.
  • Provide program staff with the tools and skills to successfully model accountability to women and girls and promote transformational change.
  • Give male participants the tools and knowledge to rethink belief systems and prevent VAWG through individual behavioral change, and provide them with programming guided by the voices of women in the community.
  • Provide female participants with opportunities to reflect on VAWG in their lives and influence programming with men that occurs in their community