International Organization for Migration
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Policy Briefs | Technical Guidance

International Organization for Migration's (IOM) institutional humanitarian policy, the Principles for Humanitarian Action (PHA), centers around the core humanitarian principles of humanity, impartiality, neutrality, and independence. This policy serves as a guide for IOM in determining the most appropriate course of action when faced with humanitarian dilemmas and aids in navigating challenges in complex and volatile environments. It applies globally to all situations where IOM provides humanitarian response, clarifying the organization's humanitarian identity, mandate, and mode of engagement. Embedded within IOM's PHA are commitments to humanitarian partnership, accountability, and protection. These guidelines emphasize IOM's clear dedication to principled humanitarian action. They underscore the importance of maintaining humanitarian principles while engaging with diverse stakeholders and addressing the specific needs of affected populations. This resource is essential for IOM staff, humanitarian practitioners, policymakers, and anyone involved in IOM's humanitarian initiatives. It provides clear guidance on IOM's approach to humanitarian action.