European KM Forum
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Policy Briefs | Tools & Manuals

This document contains deliverable D2.2 of the IST project European KM Forum – European Knowledge Management Forum. The objective of the Network is to establish a well co-ordinated and effective support infrastructure throughout Europe in order to share and exchange the latest developments in the Knowledge Management domain.

This is the second of two tasks in Work Package 2 – KM application models. The objectives of this work package are to analyse current Knowledge Management applications in research and industry, in order to develop a European knowledge management application model and to develop common approaches or standards.

The deliverable D2.2 KM assessment model and tools describes the initial concepts for assessing the maturity of organisations towards KM. It plans the general approach to be taken in the WP and develops a strategy and corresponding means for collecting information about KM relevant aspects inside of the organisation to be assessed. The concrete output of the deliverable is the collected information in form of models concerning KM assessment. In other words it provides with an initial overview of the European activities in assessing organisations in the domain of KM.