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Knowledge Sharing: Methods, Meeting Places and Tools presents a selection of easy ways to help you have better access to the knowledge you need to do your work. We invite you to step outside your usual routine and engage in the cross-fertilization of ideas with your peers. The methods described here are simple to use and can easily be built into the way you work. Many of you may well work this way already without calling it ‘knowledge sharing’. These tried and true processes will help you in your search for fresh, creative solutions to the challenges you face every day.

Three kinds of tools are listed in this guide. The first, "Methods of Transferring Knowledge", details how you can pass on or receive learning and information to and from your peers. The second, "Knowledge Sharing Meetings" are actually physical and virtual settings in which learning and information can be exchanged. Finally, "Tools Accessible on Entre-Nous", can all be found on CIDA's Intranet.

We invite you to try out some of the tools presented in our Knowledge Sharing handbook and let us know what has worked best for you. You may be inspired to invent innovative approaches of your own. The Knowledge Management Secretariat is available to consult with you or to facilitate any strategic process you wish to try.