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Learning from Evaluations: A Review of 16 MTE/Rs of DFAPs/DFSAs from 2015-2020

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Evaluations and Research
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Since 2015, USAID’s Bureau for Humanitarian Assistance (BHA) has sponsored highly participatory mid-term evaluations or reviews (MTE/R) of their development food security activities (DFAPs and DFSAs) at the mid-point of each activity’s five-year term. These mid-term evaluations or reviews included staff members of the implementing organization and BHA and were led either by external consultants or by BHA staff. The findings and recommendations from these MTE/Rs have primarily been used to inform the activity’s plans, leading to modifications that aim to improve results.

This report is a high-level review of the recommendations and findings of these MTE/Rs to identify common themes or trends that could inform future programming more broadly, and lead to improved food security outcomes.