Inter-Agency Standing Committee
Inter-Agency Standing Committee
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Technical Guidance | Tools & Manuals

The thematic issue paper prepared by the Interagency Standing Committee Results Group 4 (IASC RG4) outlines the complementarity between humanitarian, development, and peace action within conflict-affected settings. It is designed for humanitarian practitioners and policymakers involved in conflict response efforts. This resource provides a conceptual framework and analysis to support the operationalization of the "Peace" dimension of the HDPN, offering practical guidance on engaging with peace actors, processes, and programming within the humanitarian context. This paper provides recommendations based on the analysis of existing guidance and tools for enhancing the operationalization of the Humanitarian-Development-Peace Nexus (HDPN). It targets humanitarian practitioners and policymakers seeking to bridge the gap between humanitarian and peace action in conflict settings. The recommendations emphasize the need for additional user-friendly, process-oriented guidance and tools tailored to the specific modalities and timeframes of humanitarian action. Additionally, the paper highlights the importance of flanking measures to complement guidance and tools, acknowledging that addressing the complexities of HDPN implementation requires more than just resource materials.