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Nature-Based Solutions in Sub-Saharan Africa for Climate and Water Resilience

World Resources Institute
World Resources Institute
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Technical Guidance

This technical note outlines the methodology used to create a region-wide dataset of projects that have implemented nature-based solutions (NBS) for climate- and water-resilience objectives in two multilateral development bank (MDB) portfolios. The resulting dataset includes 85 projects led by these MDBS over a 10-year period (2012‒21), including 46 projects from the World Bank and 39 projects from the African Development Bank. The technical note also demonstrates how these projects are leveraging NBS to address urgent challenges faced by communities in SSA, including urban flooding, coastal flooding, and water security. Additionally, the note illustrates numerous types of co-benefits that NBS are generating, including biodiversity, livelihoods, and opportunities for carbon sequestration.