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Shocks, Resilience Capacities and Response Trajectories Over Time is the sixth report in Feed the Future's Technical Report Series No. 2: Strengthening the Evidence Base for Resilience in the Horn of Africa. This publication is prepared by experts for the Technical Consortium for Building Resilience in the Horn of Africa.

This paper contributes to the resilience measurement body of knowledge by looking at the relationship between shocks and resilience capacities. This paper discusses important principles in resilience measurement and then examines two studies to (1) determine the separate contribution of different resilience capacities to households’ ability to cope with two distinct types of shock – drought and food price shocks, and (2) examine how households respond over time to exposure to shocks, and how resilience capacities influence the way that households recover from shocks. The paper also discusses important lessons learned about resilience measurement regarding the frequency of data collection and timing of social protection responses.

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