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Technical Advisory Group Meeting on Current Innovations, Scale-Up, and Research on Care Groups in Title II Programs

CORE Group
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Evaluations and Research

This 2-day Technical Advisory Group (TAG) meeting brought together 33 practitioners in the Care Group approach, a specific type of peer support and learning group model. As final outputs of the meeting, participants developed recommendations related to national adoption, advocacy, and communication; formed a steering committee to follow up on TAG findings and recommendations; planned a follow-on meeting on research needs; planned for further dissemination of the Care Group TAG results; and agreed to pursue a partnership with UNICEF on the Care Group approach. Discussions on advocacy for and communication about Care Groups resulted in the tool Care Groups – An Effective Community-based Delivery Strategy for Improving Reproductive, Maternal, Neonatal and Child Health in High-Mortality, Resource-Constrained Settings: A Guide for Policy Makers and Donors.