Food and Nutrition Technical Assistance (FANTA) Project
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Technical Guidance

The overall goal of all Title II non-emergency Development Assistance Programs (DAPs) is to improve food security. Program implementers, or Cooperating Sponsors (CSs), are required to monitor and evaluate progress toward this aim. This technical note was developed to assist CSs in constructing a scope of work for an evaluation.

There is no single correct way to construct a Scope of Work (SOW). In fact, the format and content of SOWs should vary in accordance with DAP designs and evaluation objectives. Nonetheless, all SOWs need to answer, at a minimum, why the evaluation is taking place, what it will cover, who will carry out the evaluation, and when it will be executed. This technical note provides standard, but not mandatory, items to include in the SOW for Title II mid-term (process) and final (impact) evaluations.

To ensure that the evaluation report contains the type and quality of information that is useful to managers and other program implementers, the SOW should provide adequate guidance to the evaluation team. Taking the time to clearly state the objectives and identify particular questions to be addressed provides an opportunity to think through what type of output is desired and communicate that expectation clearly to the team. This also ensures that the field staff manages and participates in the process.