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Tool for Framing a Discussion Between Nutrition and Agriculture Specialists

The TOPS Program
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Trainings and Workshops

Agriculture and nutrition staff have unique perspectives and priorities. Uniting these views when designing program activities is a common challenge. By drawing upon their combined analytical skills, this tool supports a dialogue between agriculture specialists and nutrition specialists as they jointly design project interventions aimed at improving nutrition for vulnerable women and children under age two.

The tool provides project staff responsible for agriculture and nutrition with four user-friendly steps through which they combine their skills and expertise to select and prioritize crops to be promoted at household level. The tool enables the two sector teams to articulate their thought processes behind crop selection, better understand the opportunities and challenges from both perspectives, and identify ways in which each team can support each sector for effective program implementation.

The tool contains a number of work sheets that also are available for separate download in the form of spread sheets for easy digital insertion of data.