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Evaluations and Research

The UBALE Development Food Assistance Project (DFAP) was launched in Fiscal Year 2014 and aimed to reduce food insecurity in Malawi through three purposes:

  • P1: Vulnerable households increase income
  • P2: Improved nutritional status among pregnant and lactating women (PLW) and children under two (CU2)
  • P3: Communities are empowered to contribute to their own sustainable development

This brief summarizes the results of the final evaluation conducted by TANGO International. The evaluation measured UBALE’s development outcomes and presented evidence that:

  • UBALE strengthened the capacity of structures to monitor and implement agriculture extension activities and organize communities for disaster risk reduction/community asset management
  • The project’s strategy of working through Agriculture Extension Development Officers to support lead farmers to transfer skills was successful
  • Savings and Internal Lending Community groups expanded credit opportunities for both women and men, supported poverty reduction, and increased resilience
  • Nutritional status, especially stunting, made impressive gains
  • An integrated approach provided opportunities to reinforce messages between purposes and to complement/integrate activities at community level