Liam Wright, Smart Food, ICRISAT
USAID Advancing Nutrition
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Tools & Manuals

Implementing policies and programs that improve diets is essential to improve the health and well-being of specific populations. USAID Advancing Nutrition’s new Diet Assessment Decision Tool makes it easier for practitioners and decision makers to assess and understand dietary patterns and nutrient intakes. Such information is critical to design, monitor, and evaluate efforts to improve diets. The decision tool provides existing data sources and data collection tools related to different target groups and diet questions.

The tool provides information on leading methods, indicators, and tools to assess the diet quality of five specific populations:

  • Children: 6–23 months of age
  • Women: 15–49 years of age (non-pregnant, non-lactating)
  • Pregnant women: 15–49 years of age
  • Lactating women: 15–49 years of age
  • Men

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