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Nominate a facilitator who engages in agriculture, natural resource management (NRM), or alternative livelihoods-related activities

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SCALE’s Facilitators of the Year Initiative is back! Our goal is to recognize and celebrate program staff who are facilitating agriculture, natural resource management (NRM), or alternative livelihoods-related activities around the world. 

Our 2021 Cohort consisted of 14 facilitators from nine BHA-funded activities. Click here to check out their facilitation skills and tips.

Program staff and community workers are on the frontlines of facilitating change in the communities where they work. Having the technical knowledge related to agriculture, natural resource management (NRM) or alternative livelihoods is essential, but not enough on its own to lead to lasting change. 

Equally important are trust and open communication between program staff and community members, using adult education teaching methods, sustained knowledge exchanges between farmers and agents, and using participatory approaches such as demonstrations. These are all elements of effective facilitation: actively listening, asking questions, using participatory activities, and more.

Through this initiative, SCALE is shining a light on these amazing individuals - and we need your help! 

Who and How to Nominate 

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Who on your team do you see using engaging and participatory facilitation techniques? Who respectfully and actively listens to workshop participants and brings in experiences throughout the room? If a facilitator comes to mind, we want to hear about and celebrate them! 

Nominees must:

  • Currently work on, support, or be engaged with a USAID/Bureau for Humanitarian Assistance (BHA)-funded emergency or development activity. This could include program staff, local project partners, community-based volunteers, and/or technical support staff.
  • Work on agriculture, natural resource management or alternative livelihoods activities 
  • Facilitate (in person or remotely) meetings, coaching sessions, trainings, workshops, or similar group activities. These facilitated events can be for fellow program staff, project partners, and/or community-based project participants. 

You can nominate yourself or your colleague(s). Anyone can submit a nomination form, and there is no limit to the number of nominations. All nominees will be profiled on the FSN Network as the 2022 Facilitators of the Year Cohort and included in a 2022 Facilitators of the Year catalogue. A special newsletter announcement will follow, further promoting the exceptional facilitation skills of these individuals.

Deadline and Timeline

Submissions will be accepted on a rolling basis until Friday, September 16th at 11:59 pm ET. 

  • August 3rd: Release call for nominations 
  • September 16th: Deadline for submissions
  • September: Nominee profiles curated and posted to the FSN Network 
  • October: 2022 Catalogue of SCALE Facilitators of the Year will be available for download from the FSN Network

Click to Nominate

If you have any questions or would like additional guidance, please reach out to

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