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Strengthening operations & maintenance through water safety planning A collection of case studies

Organizational Authors: 
World Health Organization,
The International Water Association
Year Published: 

Strong operations and maintenance (O&M) programmes underpin the effectiveness and sustainability of drinking-water supply systems. Increased attention to and investment in O&M is needed to ensure that water safety and service delivery targets are consistently met and that public health is protected. Water safety plans (WSPs) are a valuable tool to strengthen O&M programmes, and may contribute to improved O&M by supporting the systematic assessment, prioritization and management of risks from catchment to consumer, including those related to inadequate O&M. This document presents case studies from lower and higher income settings around the world that highlight O&M benefits resulting from WSP implementation. These case studies contribute to a growing body of information on the outcomes of water safety planning and may be useful in building support for WSPs among water sector senior managers, operational staff and other stakeholders. 

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