HAEC Capacity Strengthening Activities

HAEC develops capacity strengthening curriculum and training for researchers, policy makers, and leaders in humanitarian contexts.

Two young girls play a game with their uncle outside their home in a camp for Rohingya Refugees in Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh.
Jonathan Hyams / Save the Children


HAEC's capacity strengthening content and curriculum will take a two-pronged approach to increase the use of cost effective and timely impact evaluations in humanitarian contexts. HAEC will develop content for in-person and online capacity strengthening activities to fill critical gaps in the humanitarian space surrounding impact evaluations to increase the availability of qualified researches able and willing to conduct impact evaluations in humanitarian settings, while simultaneously advocating with implementing partners and policy makers to demonstrate the value of impact evaluations in humanitarian settings 

Capacity Strengthening for Researchers  

HAEC will develop a curriculum targeted toward researchers and evaluators to strengthen the knowledge and skills to conduct impact evaluations in humanitarian emergencies. The themes, content, approaches and modalities for this curriculum will be driven by the results of the Evidence Gap Map and the emergency stakeholder and humanitarian actor consultations, conducted in Year 1. This curriculum will support one of HAEC’s primary outcomes- increasing the number of evaluators and researchers qualified to lead impact evaluations in humanitarian contexts.  

Capacity Strengthening for Policymakers and Leaders 

HAEC will additionally develop capacity strengthening materials for policymakers and implementing partner leaders. This curriculum will focus on best practices surrounding impact evaluations, including how to identify the appropriate context for an impact evaluation, identifying tangible good practices for engaging and partnering with impact evaluation researchers, and how to maximize results for future humanitarian activities. The impact evaluations conducted through this activity will inform the content for this curriculum.