Request for Applications: Successful Partnerships for Multiple-Use Water Services (MUS) in Zimbabwe

About the Request for Applications

Cattle at a water station

Photo credit: Sacha Meyer / Save the Children

PRO-WASH and SCALE are pleased to announce the release of Successful partnerships for Multiple-Use Water Services (MUS) in the Takunda and Amalima Loko intervention areas of Zimbabwe.

Multiple-Use Water Services (MUS) are systems that are designed to supply domestic water needs, as well as water for livelihood uses such as small-scale irrigation, stock watering, and entrepreneurial activities. MUS is an approach that recognizes the diverse demands that are placed on water supplies, including both WASH and agricultural uses, and attempts to accommodate these in the system design, operation and management.

MUS is a part of many Resilience Food Security Activities (RFSA) funded by USAID’s Bureau for Humanitarian Assistance (BHA). RFSA partners continue to find innovative ways to improve the operation and sustainability of these systems.  This applied research, convened by PRO-WASH and SCALE, seeks to investigate some of the difficulties or challenges in adopting MUS more broadly in the study areas, as well as to understand and communicate some of the ways in which RFSA partners are overcoming these difficulties. The focus is on applied research, resulting in knowledge that can be put to use by RFSA partners as they work to improve WASH and water security.

This RFA is designed to provide innovative, context-specific research on strategies for improving MUS operation, access, reliability and sustainability for BHA partners. The focus is on two RFSA partner areas in the Republic of Zimbabwe (Amalima Loko, and Takunda), but the resulting tools, guidance or findings are expected to be relevant to multiple BHA partners and active projects supporting food security and WASH activities.

Application Requirements

The activity will fund one award under this RFA up to $200,000 USD for a study period of up to six months beginning in March 2022. Applicants MUST have an organizational presence in Zimbabwe and/or partner with an organization in Zimbabwe.

For more details about this request for applications, please refer to the documents below:

Request for Applications (RFA): Successful Partnerships for Multiple-Use Water Systems in the Takunda and Amalima Loko intervention areas of Zimbabwe

Attachment 1: Proposal Narrative Template

Attachment 2: Budget Template

Attachment 3: Budget Narrative Template

Attachment 4: USAID Standard Provisions for US NGOs

Attachment 5: USAID Standard Provisions for non-US NGOs                                                                         

Submission Deadline

Submissions are due by 5:00 PM ET on December 23, 2021. Applications (to include proposal and detailed budget) must be submitted electronically to


The question and answer period for this RFA is now closed. Click here to access the Q&A document.