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A Guide to Developing a Knowledge Management Strategy for a Food Security and Nutrition Program

The TOPS Program
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Technical Guidance
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The purpose of this guide is to assist teams to develop a Knowledge Management (KM) strategy that focuses on improving performance and the quality of implementation within Food Security and Nutrition programs. The guide aims to provide practical guidance to staff at different levels within development organizations; therefore there is no discussion of the many different perspectives on KM, or its history. An indicative bibliography provides material for those interested in exploring further KM theories.

This guide is based upon the materials and exercises developed for the TOPS/FSN Network "Developing a Knowledge Management Strategy Workshop" which was held in March 2016 in Washington, DC. The idea for the workshop came from the members of the TOPS/FSN Network Knowledge Management Task Force and as such their thoughts and suggestions helped shape the workshop curriculum. KM Task Force members who attended the workshop helped make additional refinements based on their experiences in the workshops. These refinements serve as the basis for this guide.