The TOPS Program
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Both Knowledge Management (KM) and Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) facilitate collaborative learning, and require intentionally working with others to be successful. Despite these similarities, some confusion exists about how these two sectors should work together for stronger programming; leading to many difficulties in day-to-day program activity and overall quality and impact. There is a growing need for sustained and coordinated collaboration between project-level KM and M&E functions, in order to achieve stronger program design and implementation that lead to better results.

This package contains two documents: 1) The Complementary Relationship of Knowledge Management and Monitoring & Evaluation poster, which outlines the value that M&E and KM collobaration can bring to each sector and to programming as a whole; 2) Proposed Collaboration Activities across the Program Cycle, which provides practical guidance on activities that can be jointly undertaken by KM and M&E program functions across a program's cycle.

These documents are a result of joint work between the FSN Network Knowledge Management and Monitoring & Evaluation Task Forces and couldn't have been produced without the work of members Emily Janoch, Director of Knowledge Management and Learning, CARE and Emily Holmes, Monitoring and Evaluation Advisor, Samaritan's Purse. Special thanks to Task Force members and attendees of the TOPS/FSN Network Knowledge Sharing Meeting in July 2017 for providing valuable feedback.