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Activities for Stimulating Knowledge Sharing and Learning: A TOPS Quick Guide to Linking Development Practitioners

The TOPS Program
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Technical Guidance
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Activities for Stimulating Knowledge Sharing and Learning is part of a series of quick guides produced by the Technical and Operational Performance Support (TOPS) Program to improve knowledge sharing and program learning by development practitioners. See the guide on communities of practice here and the guide on participatory meetings here.

This guide offers food security and nutrition practitioners a variety of methods and techniques for designing knowledge sharing activities to enhance learning at the program and organizational level. Each activity has been tested and found useful by development practitioners. Some of the activities emerged during interviews conducted by TOPS in 2012 with organizational leaders and knowledge management staff at international development organizations. Others were selected from knowledge management practitioners of the TOPS FSN Network Knowledge Management Task Force. All of the activities highlighted in this guide have been implemented by international development organizations working in food security and nutrition, and global health programming.

The majority of the knowledge sharing activities presented in this guide are designed to be done in person. Food security and nutrition practitioners work around the world and cannot always meet face-to-face. Geographic constraints present a unique challenge to knowledge sharing and. Technology serves as an excellent medium for connecting individuals who cannot meet face-to-face regardless of location. This guide offers suggestions for utilizing technology to enhance the quality and reach of knowledge sharing activities when meeting in person is not possible.