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Identifying Market Opportunities for Rural Smallholder Producers

Centro Internacional de Agricultura Tropical (CIAT) | Catholic Relief Services (CRS) | USAID
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Tools & Manuals

For those who are following CIAT’s Rural Agroenterprise Development Strategy, the Identifying Market Opportunities for Rural Smallholder Producers Guide is the third step of the The Participatory Market Chain Analysis Guide.

The Participatory Market Chain Analysis Guide was developed as a key step in the ‘area-based approach to rural agroenterprise development’. The Guide is based on the principles of developing market-led interventions that go beyond single intervention projects. 

The aim of this set of methods is to meet the entrepreneurial development needs of service providers, i.e., those institutions and agencies that support the development of rural communities. The methods can be used for capturing and systematizing market information leading to the development of new agroenterprises and effective local business services. The goal of this work is to enable service providers to empower rural communities with skills to engage more effectively in the marketplace so as to increase their income, their capacity to innovate and ultimately improve their livelihood options.