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A Practical Guide to Conducting a Barrier Analysis is a training curriculum that builds skills to plan and carry out a Barrier Analysis survey. The very practical, hands-on learning exercises help learners to answer the most common and frequently perplexing questions that arise during implementation. The use of the survey as a behavior change tool is made clear by first introducing the Designing for Behavior Change framework and the determinants of behavior change.

The manual uses a step-by-step approach starting with the definition of the behavior to be studied and development of the Barrier Analysis questionnaire. As part of the training course, a Barrier Analysis survey is conducted. The guide covers topics including sampling, interviewing techniques, coding, tabulation and data use. After completing the course using The Practical Guide to Conducting a Barrier Analysis, trainees will be able to effectively plan and implement a Barrier Analysis survey and use the results to inform their behavior change strategy.   

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*Have you explored the FSN Network Behavior Bank? This database features results from Barrier Analysis and Doer/NonDoer Studies conducted by food security and other practitioners globally. You can browse the database by country, region, and behavior studied to look for results for a particular area/behavior, or to look for patterns of barrier and enablers for a particular behavior or set of behaviors.