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The Practices, Research and Operations (PRO-WASH) Award (funded by the USAID Bureau of Humanitarian Assistance) has developed a water quality monitoring technical guide and a water quality monitoring training package for implementing partners. This training was pilot tested in 2022 in Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, and Malawi, and the training package has been adjusted and improved as a result. The guide and training package enables implementing partners to run a 16-lesson water quality training course for their staff. This could be for staff who are new to water quality monitoring (WQM), or for staff new to USAID water quality requirements. 

Each Resilience Food Security Activity (RFSA) has its own water quality issues and challenges, and RFSA staff members have diverse professional backgrounds. RFSAs are also at different stages of their programs—some may have only just started to address water issues, whereas others may be further advanced in their water quality management planning. The training package is designed to be adaptable and flexible, to meet a variety of RFSA requirements.