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Seeds Learning Group for USAID/BHA-funded Programming Presentations

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Narrated Presentations

Seed system assessments are critical to inform seed interventions. In 2021, SCALE hosted consultations with Implementing Partners and USAID's Bureau for Humanitarian Assistance (BHA) to better understand barriers and shortcomings to uptake and use of seed system assessments, in particular, Seed System Security Assessments (SSSAs), and how to improve adoption moving forward. Based on the consultations, a few key insights emerged to address barriers to uptake, including the need to support more socialization of seed system assessment (SSA) tools and resources and to clarify donor guidelines and expectations for SSAs. To attain this, SCALE established a Seeds Learning Group with the aim of discussing seed systems concepts and supporting organizations to access, navigate, and use assessment resources.

The Seeds Learning Group consisted of USAID/BHA Implementing Partner team members involved in their program's seed-related activities. 20 participants came together over four sessions to learn about the basic concepts of seed systems and SSAs; how to navigate existing SSA tools, trainings, and resources; common pitfalls and how to avoid them; and minimum technical standards required for SSAs.

The presentations and recordings from the Seeds Learning Group are linked below. 

  • Session 1 introduces the basic concepts of seed systems and SSAs
  • Session 2 shows how to navigate existing SSA tools, trainings, and resources
  • Session 3 delves into common pitfalls and the minimum technical standards for SSAs
  • Session 4 covers planning an SSA and future gaps and needs
Session Presentations
Session Recordings