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PRO-WASH is an initiative funded by USAID’s Office of Food for Peace (FFP) and led by Save the Children. PRO-WASH aims to improve the quality of activities, strengthen the capacity and skills of FFP implementing partners in WASH, and improve the level of knowledge and practices around WASH. 

Apply now for the PRO-WASH Request for Applications: Pathogens Pathway Study for Children under two years old in Southeastern Madagascar. Click to learn more.



PRO-WASH works with USAID Food for Peace partners and the broader WASH community to capture and share lessons learned, develop and deliver capacity-building opportunities, and more.




PRO-WASH consists of a core team of multi-sectoral WASH and Nutrition advisors based in Washington, DC.


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PRO-WASH will work actively to expand this collection of tools, guides, and other materials related to WASH practices in the coming years. 

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