What is HDP Coherence?

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What is HDP Coherence?

Humanitarian-development-peace (HDP) coherence aims to promote complementary collaboration across humanitarian, development, and peace actors in pursuit of a common agenda. Its goal is to maximize impact and sustainability of programs across different kinds of assistance and to reduce the need for humanitarian assistance (HA) over time.

Key Principles for Humanitarian-Development-Peace Coherence 

  • Uphold and respect humanitarian principles to ensure HA remains unhindered and effective
  • Plan jointly and seek a common agenda
  • Create and strengthen communication, coordination, and learning platforms across different kinds of assistance
  • Strategically sequence, layer, and integrate humanitarian, development, and peace assistance where appropriate
  • Promote shock-responsive programming and data-driven adaptive management
  • Champion conflict integration and opportunities for enabling or building peace where possible
  • Ensure programming is with, by, and through local partners and systems

Underpinning each of these key principles is USAID’s cross-cutting commitment to gender equality and inclusive development.

To learn more about USAID’s most current thinking on the topic of HDP coherence, read the Programming Considerations for Humanitarian-Development-Peace Coherence: A Note for USAID's Implementing Partners.

IDEAL's Knowledge Sharing Series on HDP Coherence

From June to September 2022, IDEAL's Knowledge Sharing Series (KSS) on Humanitarian-Development-Peace (HDP) coherence convened nearly 600 practitioners across 14 online events. To learn more about the KSS, access session recordings, and other materials, visit our collection page here.

Timelines for the KSS including dates for each thematic area.

Nexus Academy: E-Course

Two young girls lean against each other in a pastoral setting. The text "Nexus Essentials" is in the bottom left corner.Created by the Nexus Academy, an initiative of the DAC-UN Dialogue, the Nexus Essentials course is designed for humanitarian, development, and peace professionals who want an introduction (beginners) or refresher (seasoned) to understand key principles and learn what actions they can take to accelerate HDP Nexus approaches through their work.

Click here to create an account and take the course!

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