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The international development community routinely uses a theory of change (TOC) as the development hypothesis for projects. Compared to other processes, a TOC requires a more in-depth causal analysis of issues—one that is rooted in a rigorous and evolving evidence base. Developing and using a TOC builds common understanding among stakeholders around the actions needed to achieve desired changes. In this Theory of Change Curriculum, we present one method that aligns with the requirements of creating a development hypothesis for Resilience Food Security Activity (RFSA) funded by USAID’s Bureau for Humanitarian Assistance (BHA).

Theory of Change Development

The collection of resources below provides a comprehensive guide to building out a TOC, including a Planning for Theory of Change Development Booklet with an overview of roles and responsibilities, as well as the stipulated timeline for developing the TOC, two slide decks with an overview of how to use TOCs, when to implement them, and why they are such an important tool, and a collection of tools and templates to guide the process of creating a development hypothesis for your RFSA as per USAID/BHA requirements. 

Using the Theory of Change: Post-Award Resources

Are you wondering how to apply the TOC for your RFSA depending on the year of the award? The resources below provide a project-cycle overview of using your TOC at different stages of each activity. 

One-Week Simulated Training

The following resources share a plan for a simulated, one-week training for your RFSA staff in building and using a TOC, including slides and tools from similar workshops held by the TOPS and IDEAL activities on training RFSA staff in using TOC. 

Matériaux Français

Included below are French translations of some of the resources listed above.